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"Solitary Diner" and Friends

Back in June I floated a proposal that folks without other plans for dining with friends or editors might wish to band together to explore the restaurants of Montreal, and got quite a response. I'd hoped to check in with everyone as the Con came closer,  to see if we could settle on particular nights, times, and restaurants that were especially appealing, but "stuff" intervened, and here we are on Monday of Con week.

First off, it was proposed that folks who were arriving early might want to get together for a meal, and it turns out that I won't be arriving until Thursday afternoon so I won't be around to help put up signs or coordinate such an activity.  But I still think itmight be fun and perhaps anyone interested could coordinate through responses to this message and then run with it.

As for the rest of us, one of the Montreal residents had kindly offered to make reservations for a group of us at one or more restaurants, this to have been done the week before the con. I don't know if it's still on offer, but if we can arrive at a consensus as to where we might want to eat, and the time and date that would be most convenient, I'll inquire of her.

Could you check through the online version of the Program and see what days and what time you'd most like to have a group meal? With so many responding I thought we could perhaps do this more than once, and thus be able to sample more than one cuisine on more than one night,  Or more than one group setting out on the same night to allow for different taste preferences -- I think there are enough of us to make up several good-sized groups and have a wonderful time chatting and eating.

I'm off to check the restaurants listing and con schedule in between stabs at the day job, but I wanted to get this up here so we could start synchronizing our watches!

Are there any other singleton con-attendees who might want to make up a posse to have dinner at some one of the marvelous restaurants Jo describes so well over at the [info]antici_food  community? The folks I know are always already tied up with professional obligations, or have commitments to catch up with the friends they only see at cons, but there must be hundreds of us {whispers) semi-mundanes who'd enjoy the chance to dine with other people to talk to, so we wouldn't have to worry about getting poutine on the pages of our new books! [snip]

ETA2: If we get enough folks, we can subdivide according to which nights people have free, or which cuisine is calling them most loudly, or whatever, and perhaps keep track of ourselves on the what-do-you-call-them, message boards at the con itself, as time gets closer.  Meanwhile I'm saving all these posts to memories, so it will be easier to keep tabs on responders.  Welcome! (Nom nom nom as the LOLcats would have it)


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Aug. 4th, 2009 04:15 pm (UTC)
Maybe you/we could use something like doodle.com to select restaurants and/or best times. That way it's easy to see where & when the majority want to go.

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