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I want to make note of some of the things I'm thankful for this year.

For Friends, first of all, and family. For those in Real Life, and for those in Cyberspace, both those who love and care for me, and for those who simply inspire me and keep my heart up by their example, when I'm feeling battered by the forces of entropy. For those with whom I shall be sharing a meal in a couple of hours, and for those I see only in my mind and heart.

For my health, especially for the fact that it's 22 months since the reversal of my ileostomy and all seems to be going well with no recurrence of the diverticulitis. And for the fact that, out of my experience with the ostomy, I can reach out to folks who are newly coping with that same condition and offer hints to make life easier. For my good mammogram. For my doctors and other caregivers, and all from whom I've learned ways to improve my physical and mental and spiritual well-being. For those who care for the health of my friends and family.

For our president, Barack Obama, and the hope he has offered to our country and to the world (may he be able to fulfill some of our hopes!)

For the beauties to be found in the parks here in New York City, and for those who work and give of time and treasure to ensure that the parks will continue to be available for the people, and to maintain or improve the landscape.

For the wonderful diversity of people here in the city, and for all that has helped to make me aware and more appreciative of it.

For books, and blogs, and films, and other arts, that have comforted my soul or enlarged my horizons, and for the authors and creators who made them and the publishers and distributors who set them before the public.

For good food, and clean water, and air to breathe.

For all of these, and for so much more, I am thankful today.

Happy Thanksgiving to all who celebrate!


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